Hives #3 and #4 Installed!

I just got inside from installing our fourth and final package of bees for this year. Yesterday I installed a package of Russian bees from Walter T. Kelley Apiaries (no relation), today we installed a package of Italians from Rossman Apiaries.The Russians are known to be a bit more aggressive, so I put them around at the bee yard in the woods near Jack’s Creek, while I installed the more docile Italians here in my backyard.

The two hives we set up back in March are doing well. The populations have exploded and they are drawing out comb in their respective supers. Last I checked, they were even storing some wildflower honey in the outer frames of the brood chamber and also starting to put honey in their super as well.

If we can get all our new winged friends to thrive and survive this coming Winter, then I will feel like we’ve really accomplished something.

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