Fall Update

Things have been slowing down quite a bit in the hives as the temperature has started to drop. We’ve had some mornings with frost here, but each day sees the mercury rise enough that the bees will still come out and make their presence known. Since Fall has set in, Family and neighbors have really noticed that the bees are now very attracted to anything sweet. I have gotten a few calls about “thousands of bees” being all over a place outside where someone left an empty coke can or where other sweet liquids have been spilled.

Since my last post, I obtained another active hive. This brings us to a total of 8. I hope that we can get them all through Winter and have a really nice harvest next season. Speaking of harvest, we harvested a few frames of honey just before the golden rods bloomed. We took just enough to get a few jars, but not enough to leave the bees in a lurch for the Winter. The darker honey came from here on our family property, the lighter honey came from where we have a hive south of Metter. Having honey from our own hives has been a real treat!

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