Bee Vac Built for Bee Removal this Weekend.

A couple of days ago, we received a call about a bee removal in Portal, GA. There’s an old mobile home that’s being torn down and it just so happens there’s a colony of bees living under it. We didn’t have a bee-vac and we weren’t prepared to have a removal to do this time of year. If we ordered a commercial made bee vac, there’s no way it would have arrived on time. Today we took matters into our own hands.

Having a bee vac is considered essential equipment in the modern age of bee removal. Suctioning the bees off of their comb helps reduce the number of stings to the beekeeper and, if done correctly, will enable to the beekeeper to capture the majority of the colony without injuring or killing them. After the bees and comb are safely removed from where they are not wanted, they can later be reunited in a conventional hive and relocated to somewhere better for both bees and people.

Below you can see a few pictures of a vac system we came up with after we researched the different designs people use. The 2HP shop-vac provides the suctioning power while the 5 gallon bucket will serve as the collection chamber to hold our bees. We improvised a crude regulator on the bucket lid to help reduce and control the suction in order to reduce the chance of injuring the bees. (We want to catch live bees, not make bee soup!) It might not be the ideal set-up for use on a ladder, but for the removal we have to do this weekend, I think it will work fine.

At this point, we are hoping the removal will go well and we can save as many of the bees, brood, and honey as possible. After we do the job, I’ll try to post some pictures and information about how things turn out.

If you are near Statesboro, Swainsboro, Vidalia, or Metter, GA. and need a swarm or colony of bees removed, please give us a call at 912-685-6759 or email me at rhettkelley77 @ yahoo .com.

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