Swarm Capture at Lowe’s in Vidalia

Today we got a call about a large swarm hanging from a tree in the parking lot of Lowe’s in Vidalia, GA. My son Cordell and I hurried down to Vidalia to catch the swarm.

When we arrived, it was the perfect situation: Large swarm and hanging low to the ground. While Cordell snapped some photos, I sprayed the swarm with sugar water and shook them off into a couple of medium hive bodies below. I am guessing there were 6 to 8 lbs of bees in this swarm.

After we captured the swarm, talked about bees with Lowe’s associates and management, and came on back to the farm. We really appreciate Orkin of Vidalia for the referral and the folks at Lowe’s for allowing us to capture the bees.

The bees are now safe and sound here at the Kelley Honeybee Farm and we look forward to seeing the hive get established and start producing honey.

We are happy to capture swarms within reasonable driving distance of our apiary. If you have a bee problem or find a swarm, give us a call at 912-682-3806. We would be happy to try and relocate the bees.

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