We’re Still Swarming

I don’t know how much honey we’ll make this season, but I know we’re making new colonies left and right. Seems like my hives are issuing swarms everyday. I don’t know about other beekeepers, but other than rotating the hive bodies, I don’t really do too much to try and prevent swarming. I’ve read that swarming reduces the honey harvest, but I just don’t have time to be going through every hive removing swarm cells all the time.

We’re now up to 13 ten-frame hives and 1 five frame nuc. After we harvest honey, I plan to make some Summer splits as Kim Flottum recommends in his book Better Beekeeping. I figure we could have well over 20 hives for 2014 if the splits make it through Winter.

On a separate note, the Ogeechee Area Beekeeper’s Association will be meeting again on May 30 at the Botanical Gardens at Georgia Southern University. Our guest speaker will be Clay “Bear” Kelley who serves at the Vice President of the Georgia Beekeeper’s Association.

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