The Raw Truth about our Honey

24 oz honeyI’m happy to announce that on June 17th,  we harvested and extracted 300 lbs. of honey from a handful of our mature, productive hives! Though only a small amount of honey when compared to large commercial operations, we count this harvest as a great blessing when compared to last year.

At this time, we’re getting ready to make labels and to start bottling. We will start having honey for shipping after we receive our flat rate and regional rate boxes from USPS.

Before we start selling or shipping, I want to let everyone know some important facts about our honey and why it’s different -and much better for you- than the honey sold in most grocery stores:

  1. Our honey is RAW. It’s neither heated, nor pasteurized. Thus, our honey retains all of its pro-biotic properties, natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.
  2. Our honey is strained, but not filtered. We have to strain the honey to get out bits of wax, propolis, and the occasional bee who made her into our 9 frame radial extractor, but we don’t do anything that will remove the beneficial pollen that is in the honey. Honey bought at the grocery store normally has all the pollen filtered out so it is crystal clear and won’t crystallize over time.  It’s also done at times to hide the fact it’s illegally sourced honey of Chinese origin smuggled in via other countries.
  3. Because our honey is raw and unfiltered, it will not be as clear as commercially produced honey sold in most grocery stores.
  4. We only use pesticide-free treatments for hive pests and we do not medicate the bees with antibiotics or other chemical medications. When we do supplement the bees in the off-season, it’s with a feeding stimulant made with essential oils in order to boost their overall health.
  5. We do not feed our bees any sugar or corn syrup during the nectar flow as some beekeepers do. Any hives that are weak and require supplemental feedings during the nectar flow are not harvested during the season. We want the honey we harvest to be 100% floral in nature and collected by our bees from natural sources.
  6. Our honey is properly called “wildflower honey,” but the nectar our bees use to make it come from a variety of flowering trees: including tupelo, poplar, and wild persimmons. They also gather nectar from wild grapes, blackberries, and everything else that flowers around the Ohoopee River and Jack’s Creek here in eastern Emanuel County, GA.

We hope this give you a better idea of what you are getting when you choose to buy our raw honey. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask using the contact form below.

For more on the benefits of RAW HONEY, click here to read and article about it at Natural News.

For more on what’s missing from regular grocery store honey, read about it on Food Safety News.

2 thoughts on “The Raw Truth about our Honey

  1. I am new to bees I just started 2 hive I would like to speak with you on some things please contact me thanks

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