Kelley’s Meet the Congressman

John Barrow

Rhett and Cordell with Congressman John Barrow

On Saturday, Cordell and I attended Congressman John Barrow‘s “Congress on the Corner” meeting in Metter. There were a number of other topics discussed, but as the meeting wrapped up I was able to speak one on one with the Congressman about a few issues that are of concern to many of us in the beekeeping community. He was open to learning more and said he would like for us to send information to his office on those things which are of concern so that he may be better informed.

My grandmother once said “you catch more flies with honey than you do with salt,” so we gave Congressman Barrow a bottle of our wildflower honey. I wasn’t sure he could accept it, but he did so eagerly and said that he was allowed to receive the gift as it was in promotion of a product from his District.

If you look at a map of Georgia’s 12th Congressional District, you’ll find it is home to 3 of the larger apiaries in the State. With such a large apicultural presence in the District, it would behoove those of us who live here to make sure Congressman Barrow is informed on issues that are important to beekeepers.