Local Honey, coming soon!

Our raw wildflower honey is collected, extracted and bottled all within the 30439 ZIP Code, making it the most local honey you can buy in Metter, GA. and surrounding areas.kelley honey The overwhelming feedback we receive from our customers is that our honey is some of the best they’ve ever tasted. Try it for yourself and taste the difference!

Phone:  912-682-3806

Our honey will be available again soon. We will be harvesting again in the near future. (updated 5/18/2015)

CNGcolorlogoOur honey comes from hives that have not been treated with commercial pesticides or antibiotics. Our honey has been extracted, and bottled without any heating whatsoever. The honey we are selling came from our own hives, not from a barrel we bought from someone else! The dirty little secret is that some beekeepers are selling “local honey” that they bought in a barrel shipped from no telling where. This is something we won’t do. We are your truly local source for raw Metter honey.


For more information on our honey: please see our article entitled The Raw Truth about our Honey.

For more information on raw honey in general, please see the article What’s So Special About Raw Honey? at the Benefits of Honey website.

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