Swarm Removal

A bee swarm hanging from a limb

Swarming is the natural way that bees produce new colonies. During the swarming season it is common for a queen and many worker bees to exit their existing hive in search of a new home. Swarms may be feral or originate from a local apiary.

People are often alarmed at the site of a swarm flying or bunched up resting on a limb, but they are normally harmless if left alone. Capturing swarms is one way beekeepers can obtain bees to start new colonies and keep them from taking up permanent residence where they are not welcome.

If you live near  Metter, GA. and have a swarm of bees hanging in shrub in your backyard like you see in the photo, we might be able to help, often with no charge to you! Give us a call. 912-682-three-eight-zero-six.

All bees we capture are relocated and set up in a new hive where they can carry on their honey making activities. We do not exterminate bees!

If you have bees already living inside your home or place of business, please contact Bill Owens at Georgia Bee Removal. Bill is a licensed and bonded bee removal expert with many years of experience removing bees from buildings.

3 thoughts on “Swarm Removal

  1. Bill,

    Our neighbor has, [at the property line], a large swarm of bees on top of the ground.
    I do not want for them to be killed because I know they are very important… my Daddy use to have bee hives and we enjoyed the honey.

    Can you retrieve these?

    Thank you so much!
    Linda V.

    • Thanks for contacting us!

      Cumming, GA. is a bit out of my range. Is there any other beekeepers around that area that you know of? Most will be happy to come collect them. Bill Owens at http://gabeeremoval.com/ may be interested or know someone in the area who could come get them.

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